Monday, July 30, 2007

Last Saturday

While Matt was at the drag races on Saturday,
the boys and I went to Loch Lomond with
Giselle and Brenda to do some fishing.
It was a fun afternoon getting reaquainted with
an old sport for us girls and a new adventure for the boys.

Ezra had a blast with the fishing pole. We
eventually took the hook off so we didn't have
to worry about anyone getting snared
(although that was a problem later on
between Brenda and Giselle, sorry, I didn't get a picture).

This is the lone fish we, I mean, Giselle caught. It definitely made the trip worth it. We threw him back, bleeding and all (we couldn't get the hook out). He swam away okay enough.

Giselle bought her annual fishing license, so I'm sure she'll be out there some more if anyone wants to join her!

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

It's a Girl!

It's hard to believe (don't think I will until she is here), but this new one is a girl! We can't wait to meet her and welcome her into the Greco Family!

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Too, Too Cute!!

This item is just too cute!
I just bought a pattern off of ebay for some misc. baby items. It'll keep me busy for a while. I do like the idea of making food: like these cookies, I've seen some super cute doughnuts. SO many great ideas out there!!

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Back on the 'line!

Warning, the Cave Train ride is a bit on the scary ride side. Justus is happy now, but wasn't too thrilled when he got off that train!
Did they let Ezra on an adult ride or is Matt on a kiddie ride? You decide.

Here is Ezra's artistic photograph, "Beer at the Ballpark."

Well, we didn't have the internet for about a week and thankfully we are back online! It was a rough week of solitaire and freecell (what else is there to do when you don't have the internet?). However, we were able to get out of the house and enjoy a Giants game (they won!) and 1907 night at the boardwalk with Grandma Shirley and Auntie Samantha. Here are the pics.