Tuesday, December 16, 2008


Gianna turned 1 year old at the end of November. The poor 3rd child only got a small family party with balloons and a cupcake. I think she had fun!

At the beginning of December we went down to San Diego for a little vacation/business trip for Matt (he was taking a sales class). The kids and I went to the USS Midway (aircraft carrier), played at a park, and went to lots of drive thrus! Other than the kids getting sick, we had a nice getaway!

These are our kids with some friends in our "new to us" suburban! Thankfully, it didn't break down on our trip to San Diego, but just the other day while we were at the park. With the help of another friend, AAA, and my husband, we were all rescued and the car towed to the shop. Yay!


Justus loves his babies!
Who is this big girl???

Quite the comedian!

Tuesday, December 9, 2008


Some people make fun of me for using coupons, which I pronounce, Q-pons, but last night when I saved over $9 at Safeway, I decided it is totally worth it! I think this might be my record. The shopping did take a bit longer this time, as I wasn't really prepared (many of the crumpled coupons were at the bottom of my purse or mixed in with expired ones in my dilapidated coupon envelope). Thankfully I was by myself and didn't have to worry about the kids getting in my bargain way. At the checkout, I decided to treat myself to a 3 Musketeers Mint bar. When did candy bars start to cost $.99?? Wow! Anyway, it tasted good and was worth it. Now, I've got to go send in the 20% Timex rebate for Matt's new watch. Happy Christmas shopping and even happier savings!

Monday, December 8, 2008

Testing, 1...2...3...

Did I really just post a video on here?? I'm feeling very talented. I'm a lazy poster these days, but maybe I'll bust out a few posts this week. Stay tuned...