Monday, June 25, 2007

We love TLC!

I think one of the main reasons I'm holding onto the cable is because of TLC. I love watching A Baby Story (I cry every time a baby is born, even when they're scary looking). Ezra's new favorite tv show is Little People, Big World (yes, he is no longer interested in watching Jeopardy or Wheel of Fortune). And even Matt likes watching What Not to Wear (he does a great impersonation of Nick Arrojo).


faithsalutes said...

I used to love Big World. Ryan would tivo it for me...and What Not to Wear is even better. I miss cable. Actually, I have never really had it...I would watch on vacation and such.

Leah said...

What not to wear-one of the best shows on TV!!

And have you seen Clinton's show on manners? Loved it!

Brittany Martin said...

HA! Troy's in good company! He likes watching What Not to Wear with me in the summer when we have cable too!

Jules said...

Although we don't have cable, I will snatch the chance to watch, "what not to wear" every chance I get. When I had Genn in the hospital, I watched a marathon of what not to wear. The nurse had me walk around for a bit and when I came back to the room, Jake said "this guy says to limit the number of patterns on your tops, go for more solid colors". I totally cracked up at that!

Stefanie said...

I love TLC too. I'm not sure what I'd do without them. I have a hard time watching What Not to Wear because I'm so bad with clothes and have no idea how to wear them. Its sad really.
Have you seen John and Kate plus 8?? I love that show. I watch it and say to myself "if they can do 6 at a time, plus twins, I can do anything." :)
Nice to see you in the blog world.

Stefanie said...

Had to say... you're in great company. I cry every time I see A Baby Story. I start thinking "Oh, I want another one!" and then when I watch the following show "Bringing Home Baby" I think "Hmmm... maybe I'm not as ready as I thought." :)
Good stuff.