Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Chicken vs. Chicken Nugget

Last night we went to Carpo's for dinner since they will be closing down the westside location in a couple of weeks. Ezra said he wanted chicken nuggets and I tried to explain to him that they didn't have chicken nuggets, but they had chicken tenders. I've tried to cut back on allowing him to eat chicken nuggets since often he doesn't want to eat REAL chicken. If he eats the real chicken when we're eating dinner, sometimes I'll let him get the nuggets when we're eating fast food, but that usually just gets him into the "I'll only eat chicken nuggets" mode.

Well, after one bite of the chicken tender at Carpo's he realized it wasn't chicken nuggets and put up somewhat of a fuss. However after showing him how great they were with the ketchup he reluctantly ate a few. Nevermind the fact that we told him if he ate the very last one, we'd go down to the Boardwalk to ride a ride. He did, well actually, the last bite fell on the floor and he tried to eat it, but we got it away from him and told him we'd still go down to ride the ride.

After driving around for about 15 minutes, we finally found a parking spot down at the Boardwalk and Ezra was able to ride his beloved airplane ride. Then, he, Justus and Matt were able to ride the Pepsi truck ride (Justus' first ride at the Boardwalk).

Amusingly enough, the section I was reading in The Omnivore's Dilemma last night was about the chicken nugget. Here is an excerpt about the author eating a meal at McDonalds with his son:

"When I asked Isaac if the new nuggets tasted more like chicken than the old ones, he seemed baffled by the question. 'No, they taste like what they are, which is nuggets,' and then dropped on his dad a withering two-syllable 'duh.' In this consumer's mind at least, the link between a nugget and the chicken in it was never more than notional, and probably irrelevant. By now the nugget constitutes its own genre of food for American children, many of whom eat nuggets every day. For Issac, the nugget is a distinct taste of childhood, quite apart from chicken, and no doubt a future vehicle of nostalgia- a madeline in the making."

Did you know that there are 38 ingredients that make up a McNugget?? Even after they've made the switch to all white meat in their nuggets. It is a bit scary learning of all those ingredients (13 of which are derived from corn, which goes back to my last post. I never knew that CORN is in pretty much everything we eat!). So, it is all very fascinating.

I'm seriously considering the things we eat and Matt is a little scared that I'm going to go all hippy on the family. Don't worry if I do, it will be gradual. Wouldn't want the boys to go on a food strike or anything like that!


Krista said...

So funny! But, I have to say, I almost threw a hissy fit when eating the capro's chicken tenders. I really enjoy a little more seasoning in the breaded section than they put in it.

On a side note, I just started a new diet yesterday- lactose and gluten free. It seems as though Elijah might have an allergic reaction to both or either of these and thats why he spits up so much. So we'll see if it works, but so far I feel much better! In order to get away from the gluten though, I've had to eat more corn based things. Why is the corn bad?

stef said...

fast food BAAAAD, real food GOOD :)
I am curious (still) with Krista, why is corn bad?

big hair betty said...

Okay, I'll try to post something on corn soon!!!

Jules said...

answer:Corn is hard on the body to digest and we actually don't recieve much nutritional value from it whatsoever.

we have been watching what we eat too. It's been a sudden revelation as Jake studied the spray that he has to work with every day.(he's a bug and weed killer for a college) The chemical destroys your Endocrine system (which deals with your thyroid, hormones etc) This same spray is sprayed on the grass which our beef and dairy cows eat so that they don't eat bugs or weeds, but the spray goes straight to their system and we, in turn eat not only the cow, but the chemical. Our fruits and vegies are sprayed with the same stuff. (as well as the tobacco put into ciggarettes)It's sickening, really, to think about.
So, we've made the switch in the Moya household to...ORGANIC.
By the way, Krista, I just made a great gluten free chocolate cake that turned out pretty good. Bob's Red Mill has all that stuff and you can get it off of their website.
I hope this is encouraging. Organic meat is really expensive, but if you buy it and cut it up in smaller pieces and freeze them in bags for each meal and use smaller porportions that you mix with other vegies, it tuns out to be pretty budgetable. (instead of eating huge amounts of meat).
This is really long, sorry, I'll get down off of my soap box now.