Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Blueberry Milkshakes and Baby

The boys had a nice and healthy blueberry milkshake for dessert the other night. Here are the happy pictures of them.

When she isn't swaddled, Gianna sleeps with her hands out like this. It's a little freaky. The first time I saw her doing this, I touched her hand and it was cold and for a split second thought she was...... so, I grabbed it and she moved and I was relieved. Geesh.


Lis said...

I hate how cold baby's extremities get. I can really feel for them since I can't seem to warm up mine either.

Erin said...

Fun photos! I love the one with all three of them on the couch.

Lettner Family said...

Sara, she really is precious! Time for more pics of your lovely family!