Friday, September 12, 2008


We got our gift card in the mail the other day, since our camera was not repairable. I HIGHLY recommend getting the insurance on an item like this! Unfortunately, we didn't get it in time to take on our Yosemite camping trip. I'll have to get pictures from my dad to post later. It is always great to vacation with family. My dad and his girlfriend cooked and brought most of the camping supplies for us. Matt's dad was there to provide the occasional comedic relief. They all also babysat for Matt and I to go out to breakfast at the Ahwahnee one morning. We celebrated our 5th anniversary a few days early. Matt had steak and eggs and I had eggs benedict, which was awesome!

The whole family hiked up to Half Dome! Just kidding. We just looked at it from our campsite. This was the first time we went camping with all of the kids, with any of the kids, actually. They had a great time! It is just so nice for them to be dirty, dirty, dirty, and not have to clean up! Okay, I did use a baby wipe to wipe their faces sometimes. They played in the Merced River, rode their bikes around, played with their tractors and watched the garbage man pick up the garbage each morning. Ezra's favorite part of the trip was seeing an F-18 fly around for a while. It was probably Matt's favorite part as well!

Here are some other miscellaneous photos, including some from the fateful day that our camera was dropped in the pool.
Justus loves Matt's motorcycle! He is potty trained! He loves his cowboy boots!

This is Ezra's big boy bike he got for his 4th birthday. He is totally a big boy, weird!

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Erin said...

I think last time I looked at this post, I just looked at the pictures... I was just reading it now &, you got to go eat at the Awanhee? Nice! I want to eat these someday, too.