Tuesday, December 9, 2008


Some people make fun of me for using coupons, which I pronounce, Q-pons, but last night when I saved over $9 at Safeway, I decided it is totally worth it! I think this might be my record. The shopping did take a bit longer this time, as I wasn't really prepared (many of the crumpled coupons were at the bottom of my purse or mixed in with expired ones in my dilapidated coupon envelope). Thankfully I was by myself and didn't have to worry about the kids getting in my bargain way. At the checkout, I decided to treat myself to a 3 Musketeers Mint bar. When did candy bars start to cost $.99?? Wow! Anyway, it tasted good and was worth it. Now, I've got to go send in the 20% Timex rebate for Matt's new watch. Happy Christmas shopping and even happier savings!


Krista said...

I am buying every Christmas present on sale this year, and it is very satisfying! The amazing thing is, I am getting the same quality of presents I normally do, but at a significantly lower price! So, I'm not laughing at your Q-pon use... I think it is great! Do you get their e-coupons? Nob Hill does those too and sometimes it is actually food I would buy. :)

Team Garaway said...

Peter once saw a man check out with like 30 bottles of shampoo - his bill before his "Q-pons" was like over $100 and after was somewhere under $10. I'm all for them!