Monday, March 23, 2009

St. Patrick's Day!

Although my due date was April 3rd, I had a feeling I was going to have this baby a little bit early. Little did we know she would be born on St. Patrick's Day! We had a great home birth experience with Veronica Wagner. Serena Rene Greco was born at 10:30pm, weighing in at a hefty 6 lbs and 18 3/4 in. She is doing great! The boys have been at my mom's house in Sacramento since Friday, but until then they were loving the new baby. Even Gianna has been a very good big sister. It is amazing how fast she has grown up in the last week! God has been SO good to our family, we are overwhelmingly blessed!


Stef said...

Yay!!!! Congrats you guys! She is beautiful and her name is beautiful. How exciting to have your first home birth too. I'm glad everything went well for you.
Looking forward to baby pictures :)

Lettner Family said...

You are AMAZING! She is beautiful! Congratulations!

Stephanie said...

Congratulations! I'm so happy for you.

I had my baby on March 13th so our little girls are pretty close in age. :)

You can read my birth story here if you're interested: :)