Thursday, May 14, 2009

The First Time

It happened today for the first time... all four kids crying at the same time. I've been kind of waiting for it to happen and finally it did, thankfully not in public. We were driving home from Sand City and for many reasons, all felt the need to unleash the beasts. Ezra only lasted a few seconds as he quickly realized the insanity of it all and was able to start laughing with me. Other than that time in the car, we had a fairly pleasant shopping trip down to REI, Target, and Costco! Whew!


Stef said...

I remember when this happened after Kara was born. I think I said something like this to Jason "They all had a melt down at the same time... and I survived!!"
I did feel quite victorious. I don't so much anymore. :)

Brittany Martin said...

I'm impressed that you endeavored to do all that shopping to begin with! I couldn't do it with two!

~Mrs Sandy~ said...

I remember those days. I still have them now (however it's me crying with
Hugs, Sandy