Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Hi it's Giselle... I'm tired of looking at the same blog entry on Sara's blog and latetly she has been having major computer issues... so I'm stepping in.
I don't know about YOU but I love checking Sara's blog for updates, well really for updated pictures of her ADORABLE kids. So I'm obliging and adding a few cute photos of Ezra and one of Justy. These were taken at my wedding.

Doing the J.Crew Kids pose.

How about a * SMILE * for the camera Ezra?

Now there's a REAL SMILE!

Justus enjoying the swing set.

Matt helping his wife give a toast!

Sara (aka Super Mom) wearing her littlest, wine in one hand, microphone in the other!
Sara: We can't wait for your computer to be in good working order so you can upload more pictures of your adorable children!


Nini said...

Yay! Thank you Giselle! Major props on updating the blog for her...and major props to you on your marriage! Woohoo! How amazing is Sara? Sheesh! She looks AMAZING in this picture! Her kids are pretty cute too!

Krista said...

Thanks Giselle, I have been waiting for an update! And these pictures are GREAT, I love Erza's "smile". So so great. :)

Stef said...

this made me laugh so hard!! Way to go, Giselle! I loved the J. Crew pose - awesome.