Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Not Too Shabby!

Ran over to Safeway tonight (while Matt and the kids sat in the truck and ate their Coldstone Ice Cream, which was bought with a gift card) to grab some of these great deals!

I used a $10 catalina I got my last trip for the Frozen Food Promotion, so I paid $7.62 out of pocket and picked up a $3.50 catalina for next time. I used 11 manufacturer coupons and 7 e-coupons (loaded onto my Safeway card. I'll head back over there this weekend to get another $30 worth of frozen foods and do my regular shopping. This was pretty much a fun trip to see how little I could pay for so much! You should try it!

MANY thanks to My Frugal Adventures for lining up most of the coupons! You can check out her blog to find out what some of these terms are if you are a bit confused.

P.S. Flowers not included!


Leah said...

nicely done!

Karie said...

Wow, just like MFA. You're amazing.