Thursday, April 15, 2010

Great Inventions!

Unfortunately, I (or anyone I know) didn't come up with these, but I think they are wonderful inventions for moms and families!

The first is a product by the company Boon Inc. that I have been eyeing for a while now, but just recently went ahead and made the purchase. It is the Oval Animal Bag, Stuffed Animal Storage and Soft Seat. In about 6 years and 4 kids, we have accumulated quite the stuffed animal collection. There are some that I have been able to get rid of, but others, I just can't. This bag is the perfect place to store those bears, dolls, and lambs, with easy access if a child wants to play with one or another. There are 3 zippered sections to see and access the toys and the material is super soft! I love it!

The next product is one that bought at Jellibeanz, a local children's store that buys/sells/trades new and used stuff. It was barely used and would be the perfect item to use at the beach. Gianna has been more like her big brother Ezra, super daring and adventurous, so last summer I wanted something to hold on to her in the waves, instead of her poor arm that I was yanking and dragging her around with! It is called Walking Wings and while it worked perfectly at the beach, I really didn't get to realize it's full advantages until Serena was starting to walk. It really is a back saver and your baby doesn't have to learn to walk with their arms in the air! Serena loved it (she is walking on her own now) and would bring it over to us to be able to go walking!

(Why do I talk in videos??)
Anyway, I love learning about new products that are helpful, so here I am to pass along the information! Sorry, I'm not a pro-blogger and cannot offer you these products to try out for yourself, but if you live in the area, you are welcome to try out our Walking Wings or come sit on our stuffed animal bag!


Stef said...

these are neat finds, Sara! I really like the stuffed animal bag. We don't have many, but like you, there are a few I just cannot get rid of and this looks like the perfect place to keep them!

Krista said...

I have been wondering about that stuffed animal bag! We are gathering quit a collection already too.

MLE said...

Ooooohhh!! I want to come sit on the stuffed animal bag!!! And our kids can play together too, I guess. :-D

Bak said...
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