Monday, December 17, 2007

Mr. and Mrs. Jeremy Kozdon!!!

Jeremy Kozdon is married! We had a great time celebrating this new marriage with lots of old friends yesterday. The bride and groom were perfectly happy! Boy, has Jeremy come a long way from that shy freshman at UCSC all those years ago. God has done a great work in him. Congratulations Jeremy and Jen!


faithsalutes said...

Uh, can this be any cooler. I am so excited for him!

And all my favorite people...shoot. I am sad, I miss you already.

Stef said...

You are an amazing woman! Just had your third child and you're all fancied up at a wedding?! Go girl!
So exciting when friends get married. I bet the flowers looked beautiful too ;-)

Jules said...

Wow, we sure wish we could have been there, we miss you all and it looks like lots of fun. We are looking forward to seeing Jeremy and his lovely bride in South Carolina. Little Gianna looks so sweet, so do you Mama!

Krista said...

They looked beautiful! (Maybe I should say Jeremy looked handsome and Jen looked beautiful... but I think they looked pretty beautiful together). And Sara you looked so great!