Wednesday, March 26, 2008


The boys LOVE their gummi vitamins and I occasionally take the time to take a leftover prenatal vitamin. I have noticed that my teeth and fingernails take a beating during pregnancy and even now post-partum. So, as a result of coupon/get-a-good-deal love, I've entered a contest at this website, Simple, to try to win some new vitamins by Beeyoutiful. (I don't know how to add the logo for this company, but I'll try to figure it out). I'm curious to see the difference between a good vitamin and a generic. Normally I'm pretty skeptical about vitamins and herbs and such, but I did recently try some herbs to help with my varicose veins, so we'll see about this new one. I'll keep you posted!


Stef said...

Cool! I noticed Mustela has some cool vitamins for post pregnancy and they look very interesting. Good vitamins are usually expensive, but I'm starting to realize... its worth every penny!

jen said...

i take a prenatal by Radiance. you can get it at Longs. my hair and nails are still growing strong!