Saturday, March 15, 2008

Not that quirky, but take a peek at my life!

I was having fun reading about the quirkiness of my friends and I started to worry that nobody would tag me! Not that I'm that quirky, but I wanted to play to! Thanks Meris! I'm running out of people to tag, but here they are: Jen, the Brooks', Julia.

First the business:
1. Link to the person who tagged you.
2.Post the rules.
3. Share six non-important things/habits/quirks about yourself.
4. Tag at least 3 people.
5.Make sure the people you tagged know you tagged them by commenting to them.

I sway- It started when I was a nanny and has continued since I've had my own kids. I sway in the grocery store line, I sway at church even when there is no music, I sway when I am talking to people, everywhere I stand!

I use coupons- I pretty much hate to buy things at regular price. If I don't have a coupon, I try to buy things on sale. I love a good bargain. And I say "Q-pon."

I use rubber gloves to do dishes- All the time, even to wash one dish.

I have piles- I like to think my house is pretty clean, usually, but there are a few piles of "stuff" around the house, in the kitchen, next to the computer, and on my dresser. The things these piles contain are: coupons, newsletters, grocery ads, post-it notes of grocery lists, photos, bills to file away, miscellaneous papers that are just too important to toss in the recycyling. I try to go through them about 1x a week. Sometimes they merge, but there are rarely moments when the house is pile-free.

I always put shopping carts back- Even with 3 kids now, I'll purposely park next to a cart return area, or even walk back to the store with the kids after putting the groceries in the car as I hate to leave shopping carts alone, next to a car, in the planter, etc. And I hate when I see people putting their carts in these places, I want to say to them, "I hope you don't go whining to the store when a cart slams into your car and dents and scratches it."

I like getting recipes from the backs of packages- From the backs of pasta boxes, soup cans labels, magazines, etc. My favorite lasagna recipe is from the back of the Barilla no-boil lasagna noodles. Just today I was looking at a bunch of different pasta boxes to see if any recipes looked good. None did, so I just got the lasagna. It's nice being able to see the recipe and buy the ingredients that I need all in one trip!


Lis said...

I'm totally with you on the piles and shopping cart returns. On myspace I say something to that effect also. It drives me crazy when people don't return them. I too think a "good" spot is next to the cart return, rather then close to the store. I am so glad there are others out there like that!

Erin said...

Ha! That is so funny about doing your planning in the store, from the box recipes. Nice.
And, the rubber glove thing - are you serious?! Just to wash one dish? That is insanity.

Lettner Family said...

Sara! I wanted to tag you, but I noticed that Meris did, so I couldn't tag you!

I am TOTALLY with you one the shopping cart thing. It drives me CRAZY when I see a person just shove it HALF WAY up the curb IN ANOTHER PARKING SPOT!! I almost say something everytime. I too try to park close to the cart thing (especially at Costco), but if I can't, I just empty the cart into the car, leave Analise in the cart and roll it back, then carry her back to the car.

Are you one of those mom's who gets $426.00 worth of groceries for $28.00 because you are so good with coupons?!

Mrs. Schwager said...

Well ladies, I agree with you that the good spot is next to the cart return. But look the other way if you see me in the parking lot because I am the one sticking the cart in the planters. I have heard one too many stories about children stolen from the car while the mother was putting the cart away and I usually find it too stressful to walk all three kids back across the parking lot to return the cart to it's proper place. Sorry I'm contributing to your shopping angst!

Jules said...

I did a post on my quirky things. Thanks for tagging me. I loved the "sway" thing. That totally cracked me up! We are major coupon people, like, we won't go out on a date without some kind of stellar coupon and definetely use coupons to go grocery shopping. That is major with us. Hugs to you!

jen said...

i've already found myself swaying when i don't even have Vaughn in my arms. too funny!