Friday, June 6, 2008

Buddy Bday

Two years ago today I was in labor with Justus Scott! He was born at 4:06pm on 06-06-06. He shares his birthday with his grandpa Jay (whose twin brother, Scott, had passed away the previous August). Now Matt's dad will always have someone to share his birthday with! We went to Toys R Us last night to spend some money that Nana Kay sent and Justus picked out a set of 6 motorcycles (I think some of them are already broken). Speaking of labor, did you catch this story on the Today Show this morning?? It is crazy, this woman was pregnant, found out there was a tumor growing with the baby in the uterus and taking up all the blood/nutrition that the baby needed, so they took out the WHOLE uterus, cut out the tumor, sewed it back up, put it back in the mom, and the baby was born 10 weeks later. CRAZY! Now that is a medical miracle if I ever heard one.


Stef said...

Happy Birthday, big boy!!

Erin said...

I hadn't heard that, about the tumor in the uterus. Wow! Amazing!