Thursday, June 12, 2008


We did it! We finally signed up for a CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) through Two Small Farms and have enjoyed our first week! It is wonderful that our pickup site is just a couple of blocks away, super convenient! I was worried that we would have too many vegetables to eat, but we've actually gotten through all of them (except the avocados that are still not quite ripe). My dear husband has been a champ, eating spinach and collard greens like a real pro!


Stef said...

Good for you guys! Buying local produce (or anything) is awesome! We've been doing the Farmer's Market, but it would be way more cost effective if I tried what you're doing... how did you go about finding this?

big hair betty said...

Stef, click on the CSA link and there should be another link to find a CSA near you. There should be some in your neck of the woods. Did I ever tell you that my grandpa was a farmer in Brentwood?

Stef said...

Thanks, Sara! I checked out that website and Jason and I were thrilled to see there's a farm, right in our town that gets rave reviews! We've been looking to buy most of our food locally, so this is awesome news. Does your Grandma own Knolls or Frog farms by any chance? :)
That is so cool!

Stef said...

sorry... that should read "Grandpa" not Grandma. :-\

Erin said...

We are glad to have gotten in to Two Small Farms, too.
Good for you guys, for eating all your veggies. I've composted some already (Read - Collard Greens).
Good for Matt! You are almost a vegetarian, eh?!