Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Air Obsession

Ezra went down to San Diego with Grandma last weekend. They flew down on a Southwest Airplane (his favorite), went to the Air and Space Museum, stayed in a hotel (his other favorite) and came home the next day. He picked up a United jumbo jet, a Blue Angel fighter jet, and a pilot's hat in the airport and museum gift shops. He is able to make two different airplane sounds, the jet and the propeller plane. He sleeps with at least one airplane every night. It will be interesting to see what Justus gets hooked on (right now he's sleeping with a Grinch and a bunny). Funny boys!

1 comment:

Stef said...

So funny and so totally ALL boy. :)
You're going to enjoy having a girl and seeing all the differences God gives her.
I'm sure she'll be rough and tough having 2 big brothers, but God definitely gives girls that different overall make-up and its so neat to observe.
When are you due?