Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Getting Ready for Baby!

Ezra is sporting the new (used) Hotslings sling that I bought off ebay. The baby in the picture is the new popular "toy" in our house. Ezra had it in the moses basket next to his bed all night. First thing in the morning he dragged the whole thing into our room, then into the living room. They love holding the baby, feeding her Cheerios, and covering her (even her head) with blankets so she can sleep.

It's funny how big these boys seem now that we're getting ready to welcome the little baby. We're taking a tour of the birthing center at the hospital tonight. It will be fun for the boys to see where we're going to "get" the new baby. Ezra's really excited that there is a church with a giant cross right there at the hospital. We'll keep you posted when this little one arrives!!

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Leah said...

These boys are SO cute! I can't wait to see their little sister. :)